Christmas decorations, Hong Kong

Christmas decorations, Hong Kong

Rather than write a series of small blog posts, this post could be called a signpost – pointing you in the direction of a couple of things you may find interesting.

First is a new addition to our articles directory, an article by Kevan Hall for the Huffington Post, What Can We Learn From Virtual Teams About Connecting With Our Kids, which draws some parallels between communication styles of virtual teams and those of our children. It will resonate with any parent whose children seem to prefer Facebook to talking with them!

Secondly, every year we have a little fun racking our brains about the subject matter for our Christmas cartoon. Due to cultural differences , we end up producing two, one ‘Happy Holidays‘ and one ‘Merry Christmas’. Take a peek and see what you think!

And last, but far from least, Kevan Hall and TH Ong returned from the prelaunch of Making the Matrix Work in Asia full of enthusiasm for their tour there. You can see some of their images from the tour here: Flickr images from book pre-launch.

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