As well as training people in ways to work  in and lead virtual teams, at Global Integration our senior consultants work as a virtual team themselves.

One of the things we at Global Integration strongly advocate is getting together in person from time to time to get to know each other and create those ‘water cooler’ moments that are often missed out on as a virtual team – the ‘serendipity’ created just by being together.

It’s not cheap: our team meetings involve flying people in from around the World, and once you factor in lost working time, accommodation and other expenses the costs run into thousands. So we ensure that they are productive by sharing ways of working, getting training ourselves in specific areas, discussing and expanding our thoughts in our key areas of operation (matrix management, virtual teams and global working).

We have a couple of international meetings each year, where the whole senior team gets together, and a smaller regional meeting. Around now is generally the time of year that we have our regional meets, and this week the Americas and Asia team headed to Las Vegas. We’ll report on that next week: last week the European team headed to Derbyshire in England for their meeting and we thought you might enjoy these photos of the team in their more relaxed moments, as mostly people see them in the more formal context of a training suite or hotel meeting room.

One of the big discussions this time was that we are changing the way we share information internally. We had lengthy discussions and training around the use of an internal collaboration tool that we’re implementing. We’ll let you know how that goes in due course, but we’re all clear that it’s not the tool that makes it work well, it’s the effort that we put into it and how useful we make it. And, of course, we shared experiences and looked at progress.

A massive thank you goes to John Bland who organised the venue and activities this time.

We’d love to hear your stories of team meetings – the productive ones, and the disasters: sharing always creates great ways of learning!

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