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A little internal training gossip – about decision making – which made us smile.

One of our senior training consultants attended a meeting this week where a potential client was trying to decide on a supplier for a particular event, training their managers to adapt to a matrix structure. They had fifteen people involved in the decision, each attending the meeting using various different technologies such as audio conference, webinar and video conference from all around the world.

They wanted an example of the kind of material we would cover in the training for working in a matrix.

The consultant covered ‘Star and Spaghetti’,  – a concept we use to illustrate team working models – and why people in a matrix tend to end up with far too many people involved in each decision, which makes things slow.

The senior manager on the call noted that he didn’t think it was particularly relevant for his business before  apologising that it might take several weeks to get back to us because so many people were involved in the decision.

Irony, anyone?

(Note: we don’t normally talk about what’s discussed in client meetings, but had permission to share this particular story.)

With due protection for the innocent, what are your funny training stories?

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