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Missing some of our posts? Wanting to stay informed? We have some great news for you. You need never miss a post again!

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Our ‘RSS feed’ has been updated. Please accept our apologies if this was giving you an odd message or calling you problems. Our technical lifesavers have cured the problem and you can now receive all of our posts direct into an RSS reader:

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If you would like to receive all of our blog posts every week, once a week, straight into your inbox, you can sign up easily. Simply go to the front page of our blog, and just under the @life in a Matrix blog header, you’ll see the words: Alternatively Subscribe by Email. Simply click through and enter your email address. We promise it won’t be used for anything except email delivery – and it’s easy to unsubscribe whenever you want. (We hope you won’t want to.

Thank you

If you’re one of the people who already spotted this new function and subscribed, we’re telling you something you already know – so thank you, and we hope you’ll enjoy our content for a long time to come!


If you do have any problems with either, please leave a comment in the box below, and we’ll try and sort it out – with thanks for your help letting us know.



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Claire Thompson Claire has a background in PR and communications, and has worked in the UK and abroad for many years. Within Global Integration, she's the frontline for co-ordinating the blogging, social media, posting and general digital magic that team members ask for support with. It keeps her busy - she loves it! Google+ Profile: .

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