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There is no accounting for flexibility

I am working with several clients on how to identify the right balance between pursuing scale and leverage on the one hand and retaining agility and flexibility on the other. Many organizations are becoming more integrated globally; either through matrix organizations or just a realization that cross functional, international and global working is required to […]

Brexit largely irrelevant for major multinationals

It’s hardly surprising that, as someone who spends their professional life helping organizations think internationally and breaking local silos and parochial thinking, and as someone who runs an international business based from the UK, I voted to remain. However that’s democracy and those of us in business who pay for everything will have to find […]

Are organizations really volatile, or are we just massive complainers?

I sat through an absolutely fantastic presentation on VUCA environments last week (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) and I’ve been reading around the subject since. The presentation covered relief work being delivered in unimaginably difficult circumstances – war, natural disaster or civil breakdown. A lot of the VUCA literature I have seen since focuses on […]

Why most cost-cutting initiatives fail to stick

An interesting article from McKinsey “Rethinking the rules of reorganization” finds that around 60% of companies in the S&P 500 had launched large-scale cost red uction initiatives in the past five years, however only 26% had successfully prevented cost from creeping back up In addition to some good practical advice on targeting reorganization and change, they […]