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New white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams

In the past few weeks our blogs have been giving you a teaser of the juicy insights packed in our new white paper: Mastering virtual, matrix and digital teams – which we officially launch today. You can download free copies of the entire white paper or a series of shorter summaries of the research at http://www.global-integration.com/white-paper/ […]

How can we build trust in virtual and transient digital teams?

The glue that holds teams virtual teams together is trust.  This fact is overwhelmingly backed up by the research: a recent meta-analysis of 112 academic studies covering over 7,700 teams found that people’s trust in their colleagues within a team was significantly correlated with team performance, over and above their trust in the team leader […]

What should replace central control?

Leadership that is shared amongst team members or allowed to emerge from within the team leads to virtual teams that are more cohesive and effective, according to numerous recent studies. For example, one study used three dimensions of virtual distance (geography, culture and time) to look at how different configurations of virtual teams were impacted […]

Managing performance and coaching virtually

Internal research carried out by outdoor clothing firm Patagonia found that their high performing teams were the ones who instigated regular check-ins and continuous feedback. But with many of our teams now rarely meeting face-to-face, how can we maintain this regular dialogue virtually? Technology can help:  for example, online pulse tool 15Five prompts virtual team […]

Help your virtual teams flourish by letting go of control

Remote, transient virtual teams are not well suited to traditional management. By definition people are distributed and most of the work goes on individually, away from the gaze of traditional supervision. One longitudinal study of 51 temporary virtual teams found that behavior control mechanisms typically used by a manager in collocated teams have a significant […]

Google’s elusive perfect team

Google’s data analysts ran a three year project to try to uncover the secret recipe for successful teams at Google.  They observed hundreds of Google teams, analysed thousands of data points and conducted an extensive literature review into the psychology of teams. At first they were stumped – at a company famed for its ability […]

New matrix management white paper

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new, research led white paper on the challenges of matrix management. This is based on an in-depth summary of academic and consulting research in the field together with our own experience of 23 years working with many of the world’s leading organizations. You can download free […]