Entries by Debbie Marshall-Lee

Work with data to insights

Crucial to the success in today’s digital world is being able to convert data to insights. Doing this effectively will give us an advantage over our competitors and can even become new services. For example, the French firm Babolat originally developed tennis rackets with sensors for quality control to check that the new rackets were […]

Essential to get the laggards on board too

As technologists have been telling us for many years, different individuals adopt technology at different speeds (see Figure below). Source: Diffusion of innovation, Everett Rogers (2003)[1] This shows the process by which an innovation is taken up over time. Sustainability comes when we reach a critical mass of people adopting the technology.  The ‘innovators’ and […]

Manage the digital gap

A lot is being written about ‘digital transformation’ at the moment, making it hard to pick out the helpful insights from the hype.  One essential insight that we and our clients are finding extremely helpful is that: technological change is exponential whilst human adaptability, and therefore organizational change, proceeds more slowly.  Managing the widening gap […]