Revisiting Matrix Management

In this article, which can be downloaded below, Kevan Hall discusses three core issues that, when addressed properly, contribute to the success of matrix management.

The secret in matrix management is to enable individuals to clarify their own goals and role. If you have two bosses, you may be the only person who actually has full understanding of your own role. You should certainly be the person with the highest level of motivation to achieve the clarity needed to be successful. If you rely on a boss who has only half the picture and a quarter of the motivation to do it for you, you are likely to be disappointed.

This kicks off a discussion and the articles which follow it act as “Perspectives” – the name of the title’s section – offering a wider overview on the topic from specialists in  matrix organizations, including Andrew Campbell of Ashridge Business School and author Jay R. Galbraith.

Source: “Revisiting Matrix Management” by Kevan Hall, plus discussion. People & Strategy 36.1 – April 2013 pp 4-10

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