Key consultants

Robyn Green Vice President, Americas

Robyn Green, currently based on the East Coast in the US, joined Global Integration in early 2011.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Financial Management and a graduate degree in Human Resource Education, and is a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach (CLTMC).

When she’s not on one of her many international assignments, Robyn has a keen interest in travel and scuba diving. Her young son constantly helps her to see the World from new perspectives, and contributes daily to her training skills.

International Management Experience

Robyn’s business career has been primarily dominated by financial services giving her terrific insight in to working within complex, highly regulated, challenging and constantly changing environments.  She has experience leading teams globally and running training programs around the world.


HR Zone: Robyn Green Joins Global Integration

Conference speaking

All of  Global Integration’s senior consultants can deliver engaging talks and seminars to add value at events, delighting audiences. Please contact us to find out more

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Last updated February 2013


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