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Janet Davis Director, Europe

Janet Davis, director, based in Europe, joined Global Integration in August 1999.

Born in Nigeria, she has been a frequent traveller from an early age. She has a degree in Commerce and Accountancy and qualified as a Management Accountant. She speaks fluent French.

Janet has had a huge influence on the way that Global Integration’s training was delivered, ditching the PowerPoint ‘Sage on a Stage’  in favour of the company’s current, more interactive style of training that keeps learners engaged and participative, valuing and making the most of the experience that is inevitably already in the room in any training/consultancy setting.

Janet is a qualified ski instructor (tips given on the stairs in training session lunch-breaks), as a well as a keen horse-rider, wind-surfer, and competition level swing-dancer… so she finds it essential to maintain a balanced diet of chocolate mousse and lemon-meringue pie.

International Management Experience

Janet’s business experience includes finance, operations and HR roles in the UK and France, in the banking, retail, FMCG and leisure sectors. She has run various remote and virtual multicultural teams,and prides herself on a very practical approach.

Books and Publications

Global Integration’s Life in a Matrix Blog: Articles by and about Janet Davis.

Conference speaking

All of  Global Integration’s senior consultants can deliver engaging talks and seminars to add value at events, delighting audiences. Please contact us to find out more.


Last updated February 2013
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