About Global Integration

Innovative, practical ideas, consulting and training to help people lead and succeed in complex companies.

Global Integration’s focus is on the way people work together and the people management practices and capabilities that make complex companies faster, less expensive to run and more satisfying to work in.

Why clients choose us

Our clients are many of the world’s leading companies, they have worked with us for many years in different business areas and regions. We asked them why they chose us and why they continue to work with us.

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They identified five main reasons:

  • we are specialists & thought leaders;
  • we deliver real business benefits;
  • we are highly credible;
  • we can deliver globally;
  • we are easy to work with.

Global Integration: specialists and thought leaders

We have consulted with well over 300 of the world’s leading companies since 1994. We have delivered over 100,000 participant days of training workshops, in more than 40 countries, in the skills of working in complex and international companies. We focus totally upon these issues – and nothing else.

Global Integration’s strong track record of thought leadership includes developing the first commercially available Remote & Virtual Teams, Matrix Management and Speed Leadership training programs.

Our expertise helps us understand customer needs and deliver practical solutions – faster.

Our pilot two day session with 25 people was actually held in a pub in the Netherlands and it was awesome!

Global Integration delivers real business benefits

Organizations that use our ideas, consulting & training services find real business benefits:

  • teams & projects deliver results up to 25% faster.
  • organizations become easier and more cost effective to run. For example, travel and unnecessary communication costs are cut by 10% and more.
  • job satisfaction improves.

Global Integration is highly credible

Our credibility comes from our people, our tools and techniques.

  • Our people have all been successful international line managers with personal experience of living and working in complex companies in more than one country for major multinationals. They are all expert facilitators with strong process and communication skills.  With credentials like this, you can trust us with your most experienced, diverse and demanding audiences.
  • Our extensive client list, including many of the Worlds’ best known and best managed companies means that we have a great understanding of the techniques that work across different corporate cultures and industry sectors.
  • Our tools and techniques – the practical tools, processes and techniques we use have been developed and extensively tested with diverse audiences around the world.
  • Because our programs have been delivered successfully to more than 50,000 participants, what results from this process of testing with real teams and organizations really works.

Some of the most profound experiences in my leadership journey have come through exposure to Global Integration consultants and curriculum. From “slow down to go fast” to the complexities of cross cultural understanding, Global Integration has turned many paradoxes into practical ways of managing effectively.

Global Integration can deliver globally

Our consultants have personal experience in working internationally and delivering services to clients on a global basis.

We are able to deliver a consistent message around the world through our own people – not a loose network of associates who work together infrequently.

Global Integration is easy to work with

Our clients describe us as ‘low maintenance’. We build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships, deliver great work and keep administration and non value-added work to an absolute minimum.

We try to cut through business complexity and practice what we preach. Ours is a simple business and that makes us easy to work with.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Global Integration for about a year now. It is a very straight-forward company to work with. Loads of good things to say, no puff, just straight-forward sound advice for people working in a matrix structure. Great spokespeople and always turn things around quickly and ahead of deadline. What can I say… professional throughout and a great example of how today’s dispersed companies can work efficiently.”

The world’s leading companies choose us year after year: will you join them and work with us? Why not call us now to find out more? You’ll be glad you did.

 Last updated March 2014

Global Integration


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