For each of the following statements which describe the current state of team dynamic of the Area Management Team, indicate your level of agreement with that statement by clicking on the appropriate box.

NOTE: Mark "Not Applicable" (6) only when you cannot rate a statement because it is not relevant to your experience working with your team up to this point.

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Tend to disagree
  3. Undecided
  4. Tend to agree
  5. Strongly agree
  6. Not Applicable
1.The purpose of the team is clear to me.
2.The right people are on the team to enable it to achieve its purpose.
3.People have the skills necessary to the success of the team.
4.Everyone on the team shares the same purpose.
5.The team is about the right size.
6.Team members know and trust each other.
7.I can rely on my colleagues in the team to do what they say they will do.
8.Our team has about the right level of diversity it needs to be effective.
9.We value a range of styles and types of people and behavior in the team.
10.Reporting structures and relationships in the team are clear to me.
11.I feel I have the authority I need to get my job done within the team.
12.My personal goals and objectives within the team are clear to me.
13.I know and understand the goals and objectives of others in the team.
14.We have about the right balance of control and autonomy in the team.
15.I can count on the co-operation of the others in the team to meet my/our objectives.
16.We usually meet our objectives.
17.The objectives of team members do not conflict with each other.
18.I see other members of the team as often as I need to.
19.I see my team leader as often as I need to.
20.I think the activities of the team are visible to the organization.
21.I am clear about the expectations that other members of the team have of me.
22.I get about the right level of performance feedback from my team leader.
23.We communicate well in the team.
24.We use the available communication technologies effectively in the team
25.The members of the team have the right level of communication skills
26.We work together well as a team
27.Members of the team learn effectively from one another.
28.The team is good at continuously improving its performance.
29.We regularly review the process of how we work as well as the content of what we do.
30.The team has good contacts with the rest of the organization.
31.Team members are generally receptive to outside ideas and new initiatives.


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