For each of the following statements which describe your current state of working with your Affiliate Management Team, indicate your level of agreement with that statement by clicking on the appropriate box.

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Tend to disagree
  3. Undecided
  4. Tend to agree
  5. Strongly agree
1.The appropriate stakeholders are involved to get things done when needed.
2.The Affiliate Management Team has the right size and is structured to get things done quickly, simply and with high level of satisfaction.
3.Working meetings are time well spent to get things done.
4.Information is shared between us and the Affiliate Management Team for the team to achieve its objectives.
5.Appropriate channels or technology are used to communicate messages and information.
6.A high proportion of the information flowing between us and the Affiliate Management Team is driving meaningful and impactful actions.
7.The degree and type of escalations between us and the Affiliate Management Team are appropriate.
8.We have a high degree of confidence in the capability and competence of the Affiliate Management Team members
9.We are operating with the right level of autonomy.
10.Individuals on the Affiliate Management team are operating with a high degree of openness.
11.We operate with the right balance between global (Affiliate/Area) and local (our brand) needs when exercising judgment.
12.The Affiliate Management team spends appropriate amounts of attention on building productive working relationships.


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